Stress Relief

Rebecca Jacobs, Staff Writer

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In this day and age, facing a multitude of stress-inducing activities on a daily basis isn’t considered uncommon. Today it is commonplace to encounter deadline after deadline, whether it  be in school, work or a new internship. There are other stressful circumstances that can weigh heavy on us. It could be relationships, moving or the death of a family member.

Unfortunately, stress is becoming a way of life that we are expected to just accept. People with a prolonged amount of stress may begin to exhibit other mental or physical symptoms. Some symptoms one may begin to display is anxiety, depression, headaches, low energy, irritability, sleeping problems and the list goes on.

In order to manage your stress, you should find ways to cope and how to prevent as much stress as you can. Here is a list of methods to manage the amount of stress you experience.

The first step taken should be to take a break from the stressor, whether it’s a big project, family issues etc. It’s important that you have time to excuse yourself from the situation to regroup and come back to the matter with a fresh mindset. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to excuse yourself long enough for it to transform into procrastination, w hich brings me to my second point. A common stressor is procrastination, which is a stressful implication that we put on ourselves that only adds to the stress that we have to manage. In order to be successful in managing your stress, you should be able to pace yourself in projects so you don’t have to deal with that last minute deadline anxiety.

Although we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, there are ways that we can learn to relax and cope with it. One common stress relieving activity is meditation. Meditation has many benefits including improving concentration, reducing stress and increasing happiness in general. Rest and sleep is also a proven way to reduce stress; your body is in need of time to recover from stressful events that occur throughout the day. If you deprive yourself of sleep, your body won’t be as effective when dealing with upcoming stressful incidents. You can find stress relief in your favorite hobbies as well. When we find ourselves doing the things we love and enjoy, our brain sends out dopamine signals that can make you feel happy and content.

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Stress Relief