Farewell, Have A Good Last Summer

Destiny Allstead, Staff Writer

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Graduation is a unique, special time in your life. It is an ending to the majority of your young life, but it is also a beginning to the rest of your life. Today is a big day. Today you probably woke up and realized that you’re going to walk on stage in front of hundreds of people to receive your diploma. Suddenly the anxiety kicks in. You probably felt a multitude of emotions. Yes, it is a time of sadness, a time of joy, and a time of possibilities.

You took hours to get ready and prepare yourself for the emotional rollercoaster that’s about to take off. When you walk in, you see your friends and a group hug breaks out. You guys are sad; this is the moment that it hits: this is one of your last moments together before you head your separate ways. You have probably spent the last 12 years with these people and most of you are going to different colleges. It can be scary, but it is also a time of excitement.

You’re sitting in the chair with your name posted to it surrounded by your classmates. The fear starts to subside along with the sadness, and excitement kicks in. You can barely keep your legs from rattling to the point of making noise. Soon your name gets called and you walk up the aisle, on stage, and toward Mrs. Balk. You shake her hand and hope she doesn’t notice how sweaty it is. You walk off stage with your diploma in hand. After this moment, everything passes in a blur and soon you’re flipping the tassel on your cap. You did it; you made it.

For the first time you have the reins to lead your life. Now that you’ve graduated, what are you supposed to do? Where are you supposed to go from here? Before college comes around, you have a little time to enjoy the freedom, so why not have an amazing last summer? For your last summer, try to write out a bucket list of things you would like to achieve to help you test your comfort and to have fun before it’s time to get serious again.

For example:

  • Go to a concert
  • Try something new
  • Plan a friends bonfire
  • Start a new/good habit
  • Make a summer playlist
  • Recreate a summer camp
  • Plan and take a road trip
  • Spend a day on the water
  • Have a picnic/plan a BBQ
  • Visit a new spot and camp
  • Have a movie night outside
  • Spend a day at the carnival
  • Take a hike and enjoy the view
  • Visit a beach at night and stargaze
  • Help your community and volunteer
  • Conquer a list of things that scare you
  • Visit a new swimming spot and have fun
  • Get caught in a rainstorm and run around
  • Go to a beautiful destination and take pictures


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Farewell, Have A Good Last Summer