How to Travel Cheaply

Lars Lund, Photo Editor

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Being an adventurous high school-student can be frustrating when you want to travel, but are short on money. There are ways to get around cheaply, but you might have to sacrifice some comfort.

Cheap flights aren’t hard to find if you search properly. There are cheap airlines like Southwest, that offer cheap national and international flights. There are also websites like, which searches through a large number of airlines to find the cheapest flights for you. Some cheap airlines treat their employees unethically, so do some research before you order a ticket. can also be used to find cheap hotels.

Living expenses can easily be reduced while traveling. There are a variety of cheap options. Hostels are usually cheaper than hotels, but you might have to stay in a room with several other people. This can be scary and uncomfortable, but it can also be an amazing opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. Another option is Couchsurfing. On you can find people who host others for free, usually to meet you and create a friendship with you. Sometimes they even show you around their hometown. Be careful though. Review host profiles carefully, and always have a backup-plan in case the unlikely happens, and your host turns out to be unreliable.

To further reduce your expenses, focus on experiences instead of luxuries. Eat cheap food, walk to places and pack lightly, so that you can bring your luggage as hand baggage. If you reduce most of your expenses, you might be able to afford local food of good quality ─ and other costly treats and experiences ─ on some occasions during your trip.


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How to Travel Cheaply