Book Review:Game of Thrones

MaKayla Munn, Staff Writer

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One of the most formidable book and television series of all time is “Game of Thrones.” Most people know this series, and if you don’t, have you been living under a rock? The first book of this series is called “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Overall there are currently five books, but George R. R. Martin is continuing the series.

The book has several plot lines and is set in the two fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. The main conflict centers around the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms that many people are fighting for. There are many main characters: each chapter is written from someone else’s point of view. This gives the story a number of different perceptions, and most anyone who reads the book will find someone they relate to. This book series also has something for everyone. There is fighting, sarcasm, war, brutal executions, love stories, betrayals, affairs, family drama, and so much more.

George R. R. Martin puts in so much detail to his writings, you can practically hear and see this world he’s created. The characters all have incredible depth and growth throughout the book. The ridicule and sarcasm in this book will literally make you laugh out loud. After reading the first book, you will come to see and agree with most everyone on the planet, that George R. R. Martin is an exceptional writer and will make you fall in love with the “Game of Thrones.”

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Book Review:Game of Thrones