Sleep Paralysis

Emily Long, Staff Writer

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Although we think people who talk about being abducted by aliens are crazy, could they being telling the truth? Many people who believe they have been abducted by aliens have experienced sleep paralysis, which causes severe hallucinations which make the experience very realistic, but shouldn’t you be able to distinguish a dream from reality?

What is sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis is the experience of either falling asleep or waking up to find that you are paralyzed, but you have some degree of conscious awareness, and your eyes are still able to move and you can look areound the room. It’s often a terrifying experience for people who are suffering from it because not only is the person paralyzed, but the hallucinations that usually accompany it are usually driven from the deepest depth of our nightmares.

How does sleep paralysis happen? When we dream, our brain switches off our ability to move so that we don’t injure ourselves while acting out those dreams. When we wake up, it switches us back on again, but sometimes the switch is out of sync and we wake up paralyzed.

What hallucination may one encounter while in sleep paralysis? The hallucinations vary but come in three general types. These types include: the intruder, the incubus, and levitation. The intruder is often visualized as an evil presence approaching. The incubus is usually something evil sitting or pressing down on your chest keeping you from breathing correctly. Finally, levitation is the sensation of being lifted off the bed, even transported elsewhere.

Sleep paralysis is thought to be responsible down through the ages for numorus terrifying nighttime visitations.  During a spell of sleep paralysis, you might find witches, demons, ghosts and spirits as an explanation to cray bizarre memories. It’s also very possible that our 21st century Americans might find technology-advanced aliens as an explanation for feeling abducted. Next time you hear a person claim they were abducted by aliens, know that what they believe is true to them, for sleep paralysis is all too real.


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Sleep Paralysis