Time Management During High School

Lauryn Carlisi, Junior Editor

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High School can be a very busy time in a student’s life. It is a time in which you try to do it all, anything from multiple AP classes, to a series of varsity sports, and a variety of clubs/activities. On top of that, trying to balance a part time job and hours of homework can prove to be very difficult. Then you add in the time for chores, family, a social life, and the recommended amount of sleep for each night. There’s not a minute to waste during the day. This is why managing your time wisely is essential, and failing to do so can result in feelings of stress and in being overwhelmed. These simple tips will help you to stay on track and manage your time wisely, so that you can accomplish everything you are hoping to do!

  1. Organization/Planning Ahead

While trying to juggle so many tasks and activities at once can prove to be difficult, being organized will ensure that you do not forget anything. A planner allows for you to plan out your activities in advance, weekly and even monthly. Write down any upcoming practices, competitions, homework assignments, and social events to make sure that you stay on top of things.

  1. To Do Lists

Meet your new best friend; the to do list. This is a great thing to write at night before you go to bed. Write down each thing you need to accomplish for the next day. Make sure you prioritize things, and also tackle the more difficult tasks first. Review the list in the morning while having your breakfast to motivate you to have a productive day and to check things off your list.

  1. Come Prepared

Most likely you will have some down time during the day, such as after completing a test or quiz, riding in the car, and waiting in line at the doctor’s office. Bring some type of work with you everywhere that you go. This way if you have a few extra minutes, you can knock a few problems off that homework assignment, leaving less for you to do later in the day.

  1. Say No

It is important to remember that you do not have to do everything. If you already have two back to back practices after school and two hours of homework, then it might be best to say no to going out that night. Saying yes to too many things can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and having to give up some activities for good. It is important to make time for everything and to have a good balance.

  1. Do Not Procrastinate

We all procrastinate at some point, it’s inevitable. The tasks ahead of you are daunting, and you have no desire to do them. However, procrastination does not benefit you in any way, and will only make things harder in the end. Watching Netflix is definitely more fun then doing your chemistry homework, but try completing half of your homework, and then reward yourself with an episode. This way you have something to look forward to after working hard.

By following these guidelines, you will find that you are able to accomplish more throughout the day. You may even have some free time to relax and enjoy life. High school is a time where you are supposed to figure yourself out, and to do this you need to be involved in different activities and classes. This is why it is critical to manage your time wisely. Trust me, you will be thankful later on in life.

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Time Management During High School