How Important is Money?

Alex Marsh, Staff Writer

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It’s true that money makes the world go round, but do you need an excess of it to be happy? The cost of living is expensive; there are doctor visits, bills, food, gas, and many other life expenses. You have to work to pay for all of these things, but to obtain a “comfortable” lifestyle, some people will end up working constantly and missing out on the little things. The question ends up being, how important is money?

In your life, there are many other things that are going to be far more important than how much money you make, such as your family, friends, life experience, and personal and mental health. If you choose a job just because you’ll make a lot of money, you will inevitably be unhappy, you will be stuck in a rutt and not understand why. You will go and buy nice expensive things and do expensive things in an effort to make yourself happy. You will blame it on everyone and everything, on your spouse, your kids, or your house.

Even though money isn’t the most important thing, money is still important. It can make taking care of yourself and the people you care about much easier. Money also gives you more choices and options; it opens up doors and windows that you wouldn’t have been able to open if you were living paycheck to paycheck. It can also make the cost of living less stressfull.

Money makes the world go round, but money isn’t exactly a bad thing. Nothing is bad in moderation. When you have more than what you know to do with or you’re spending it all instead of saving, that’s when you have problems.

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How Important is Money?