Senior Regrets

Emily Long, Staff Writer

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As seniors in high school there is a lot to be proud of, but there is always something we wish we could have done or done better in our four years. Here are some of the biggest regrets from high school brought to you by the graduating class of 2018. These are to help guide the upcoming seniors as well as underclassmen from making some of our same mistakes:

“My biggest regret is not participating in sports” – Paige Richardson

“I really wish that I didn’t wait until  my senior year to talk to new people. I made so many real friends by just chatting with people I normally wouldn’t in class.” – Rebecca Jacobs

“My regret is not doing a dancing flash mob for Homecoming.” – Kaitlin Ritchie

“My biggest high school regret is not going out and doing more things. For a majority of my high school years, I had a pretty lame routine and stuck to it. I did the same thing day in and day out, but now I have made new friendships and started to go out and explore more.” – Amy Jo Tavernier

“My high school regret is taking advanced algebra and trig instead of personal finance.” – Carissa Kelly

“I regret eating hot lunch every day my freshman year because that stuff is not good for your soul.” – Erin Taylor

“My senior regret would probably be not trying out for drum major. I think this would have been a really cool opportunity, and it would have helped me open up even more. Getting the opportunity to lead such a great and amazing band this year would have been awesome as we had an undefeated season.” – Stephanie McLochlin

“Not applying myself in my school work until my junior year.” – Ricky Clements

“Not choosing my friends as wisely as I should have.” – Karly Brand

“Letting people’s opinions get to me easily. I wish I could have just let the comments go.” – Ariel Richards

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Senior Regrets