College Choices and Why?

Shania Shirk, Staff Writer

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It’s near the end of senior year, and everyone is deciding where to go to college. Most seniors already know where they are going and why they want to go to that college. This is where and why these seniors are going to that specific college:

“I am going to Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, MI. I am studying criminal justice. After two years at Glen Oaks, I am going to six months of police academy at KVCC,” said Tyler Seifert.

“I am attending the University of Michigan Flint in the fall to major in biology and zoology with a minor in chemistry to help prepare me for my transfer to Michigan State University for my grad program at their vet school,” said Emily Long.

“Virginia Tech because they have a good architecture program, and if I decid not to do architecture, they have a lot of other programs to choose from,” said Janetta Kiser.

“I am going to SMC; I am going to do business there. I chose SMC because I can get my four-year degree, paying three years at a community college rate. Also, because it’s close to home,” said Karly Brand.

“I’m going to Western Michigan University because it has a good PA program, not to mention that it’s close by and has great broccoli,” said Ibrahim Abuhaltam.

“I am going to Wayne State University, and I’m going because it’s diverse; there’s so much to do in Detroit, and I received an athletic scholarship to run track for their women’s track team,” said Arionne Fowlkes.

“I am going to Hope College. I chose Hope College because I love the city of Holland. I toured the campus and felt it was a very good fit for me; it is small like TRHS, so I feel it will be a good transition from high school to college. Plus I’m only an hour and fifteen minutes from home, so when need be, I can come home and see my friends and family, but I’m also a good enough distance to where they won’t be with me all the time.” said Halle Carpenter.

“I haven’t decided what college I’m attending yet,” said Stephanie Mclochlin.

“I am going to Saint Mary’s College because I fell in love with their campus as soon as I stepped onto the Avenue. Also, their student to faculty ratio is small, and they have one of the best four year nursing programs, not to mention I will be studying abroad in Italy my sophomore year,” said Ariel Richards.

“I am going to Glen Oaks Community College to play volleyball and pursue a nursing degree. I chose Glen Oaks because it’s close to home, and they have an amazing nursing program; I also love the vball coach!” said Tessa Hawkins.

“I am going to Kalamazoo Valley Community College to continue both my academics and softball career. KVCC is a great place for me to start because I get to play the sport I love and get my associates degree without paying an arm and a leg,” said Amy Tavernier.

“I’ll be attending DePaul University in the fall for English on a Pre-Law Track. The deciding factor for me was the friendliness of all the staff members and students there, as well as the importance of volunteerism to everyone. Volunteering is incredibly important to me, and I wanted to continue it during college. Because it’s in a large city, there are many groups and organizations associated with the school with the focus on the betterment of the community and the people within it,” said Sidnee Arney.

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College Choices and Why?