Surviving Senior Year

Rebecca Jacobs, Staff Writer

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We’ve all heard, “Enjoy your senior year; it’ll be a year to remember!” Well… they were right. It’s definitely a year to remember but maybe for different reasons. Seniors, the year is not over, but it is coming to a close. By this point, we know most of the ins and outs of high school. But the “real world” is becoming a very new territory for us. We now know that deadlines are very prevalent and that friends aren’t always meant to stay.

For the incoming seniors, the class of 2018 would like to offer some advice for you. There is more than just the applications, scholarships and college visits. Senior year consists of trial and error as well as overcoming personal obstacles. For me, this year has meant finding out who my friends are and learning how to grind through my usual procrastination to meet deadlines. So here are a few of the tips the class of 2018 has to offer:

Tip 1) Be aware of drama.

High school is notorious for being one of the most drama-filled places a person can encounter. It has so many “he said, she said” stories floating around that makes it difficult not to get caught up in it all. As senior Janetta Kiser said, “Be Switzerland. Don’t get caught up in all the drama.” Long story short, just focus on yourself and do you.

Tip 2) DON’T procrastinate.

The most frequent answer seniors gave when asked, “What would you change about your senior year?” was to not procrastinate. As the underclassman (I hope) have begun to figure out that the statement “I don’t really feel like doing this right now.” usually ends up catching up to you and biting you in the butt. Most seniors began to truly realize that when they found out due dates really do come faster than expected. Senior Amaya Hamilton said, “Be sure to do everything early: scholarships, FAFSA, college applications, everything.”

Tip 3) Stay motivated!

At this point, quarter 3 is killing most of us, Seniors, the senioritis has started to set in, and we are finally beginning to have a taste of freedom. Unfortunately, this impending senioritis comes with a consequence: lack of motivation. Most of our grades have begun to drop as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and frankly, I don’t ever really feel like doing anything. Despite this feeling, you need to try to grind through it and try your best. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but your grades really do count this year. Your grades can be applied towards scholarships. Let it be known that although you may already be accepted into a school, they can reject your acceptance due to a decline in academics. As senior Zack Hubbard said, “Maintain focus; this is the last chapter of your high school career. Go out with a bang.”

Tip 4) Enjoy it!

Most of us spent our senior year worrying and stressing over not being accepted to our dream school and how we are going to be able to pull everything off in the “real world” (I know I did). As alarming as it sounds, it is your last year. It will be the last time to participate in high school activities. Last time you’ll be part of homecoming assemblies and games. It will also be the last time you’ll be with your peers that you have grown up with. As I said above, be aware of the senioritis, although it is all very exciting, you don’t want to rush it. You have the rest of your life to be in the “real world.” Enjoy your last year in high school.

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Surviving Senior Year