The Most Difficult Thing about Senior Year

Lauryn Carlisi, Junior Editor

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Senior year can be a very stressful, busy, and confusing time in your life. However, as I’m sure you are already aware of, this year is critical in determining what the next chapter of your life will encompass. It is important to remember that the struggles will be worth it in the end. You are almost done, so keep moving forward and finish strong!

TRHS seniors were asked what the most difficult part of senior year has been for them, and there were a wide variety of answers. For Rebecca Jacobs the hardest part was, “deciding on where to go to college next year.” Similar is Elizabeth Hayes who says the most difficult part is “all the stress of applying for scholarships. Also having to choose a college is pretty difficult too.” Sebastian Minshall says, “The wait until you can finally leave this school.” Carissa Kelley struggled with “not giving in to senioritis.” Emily Bass says, “I’d have to say the most difficult part is keeping up with school work, friends, and sports. It’s definitely stressful trying to make time for everything that I want to do.”

After many late nights spent stressing over grades, SAT scores, and scholarships, you have finally reached the end. Everything that you have worked for over the past 18 years of your life is finally paying off. The rest of your life begins now, and all the obstacles you have encountered along the way have shaped you into the person you are today. Congratulations class of 2018 and good luck to you!

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The Most Difficult Thing about Senior Year