Is Fortnite actually a Good Game?

Alex Marsh, Staff Writer

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“Fortnite” is a very popular game. Many people play because they say it’s good, but is it really? I’ve watched it played on multiple occasions, and it looks like many other games. For example, there is a game called “King Of The Hill” on Steam, and it’s the exact same concept as “Fortnite.” Also with the constant updates and nerfing of good weapons that make them almost impossible to use, the game can, at times, be extremely glitchy. All of these things cause the game to lag randomly, so players who get caught in the falling positions after they get dropped off or use a jump pad, die because while the game is working normally for others, it has practically stopped for them and causes them to be unable to change weapons, fire, change or use building materials, and have their bullets go right through the target.

While most people find the graphics beautiful, sophomore Tallas Hanley said, “I don’t like the graphics; it’s just really irritating. It’s almost like a wannabee “Call of Duty.”” Plenty of people love it though. For example, sophomore Dylan Kennedy loves it because it’s free. Junior Logan Bierlein said, “It’s good because you play with a bunch of other people and not just robots.” Kevin Perez, sophomore, on the other hand has mixed feelings, saying, “It’s low-key; a little dumb, but it’s fun when you have the whole team.”

In conclusion most people think “Fortnite” is ok. Of course there are the die-hard fanboys just like there are when it comes to any video game, and of course the absolute haters.

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Is Fortnite actually a Good Game?