Last Day of School Plans

Shania Shirk, Staff Writer

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In just a couple more weeks, school’s out and summer is here. The last day of school will be wild but it will be a wonderful day with lots of laughs and maybe some tears. TRHS students and staff are doing this on the last day of school:

Secretary Mellody Fuller said, “I’ll be sad because my seniors and students are gone, but I’ll go out on the lake for the evening.”

College adviser Angela Lathan said, “Celebrating my birthday.”

Senior Erin Taylor said, “I’m going to eat lots of food and sleep lots of sleep.”

Senior Rylee Menz said, “I have no idea.”

Senior Kymera Brunner said, “Hanging with friends.”

Senior Anna Dong said, “Planning my vacation.”

Senior Janetta Kiser, “Getting ready for Spain.”

Senior Lucy Dong said, “Preparing gifts for graduation parties.”

Senior Stephanie McLochlin said, “Preparing for track for state.”

Senior Aislynn Sayer said, “I’ll have my last choir concert, and I’ll get to see where everyone is going to college.”

Junior Makiyah Myles said, “Go hang out with my girlfriend and friends, and then go to the movies.”

Sophomore Bailey Appoloni said, “Going to Colorado.”

Sophomore Parker Ellifritz said, “I’m going to the beach.”

Sophomore Mekhi Mancilla said, “ I’m going to the movies.”

Sophomore Alise Roberts said, “Go to the mall and go shopping, and then go out to eat.”

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Last Day of School Plans