Police Visits

Katie Geans, Staff Writer

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So far, this year, there have been about 18 school shootings and several threats. Three Rivers High School was one of those schools that was threatened, forcing the school officials to close the school March 9; however, the school officials have decided to include the Three River Police Department in the positive school climate they try to uphold. Every morning, the students are greeted by one or more police officers who are there to ensure their safety.  According to the Three Rivers High School principal Carrie Balk, they increased police visits so the students could have a good relationship with them, and so they feel more safe. “The kids like it. I have gotten a lot of emails from kids telling me that they feel more safe,” said Balk.

The school officials reviewed policies and procedures to ensure safety in the schools. They also talked about getting more video cameras to put up around the schools.

In addition, Three Rivers High School officials and officials from surrounding schools attended a threat assessment conference to go over ways they could ensure safety in the schools.

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Police Visits