Spring Celebrations Around the World

Kaitlin Ritchie, Senior Editor

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Spring is often a time of celebration for most cultures.  There are different ways spring is celebrated around the world.  Besides the well-known April celebration, Easter, there are several other spring cultural celebrations:

  1. Marzanna

Celebrated on the first day of spring by Poland, Marzanna are made from straw and decorated.  The dolls symbolize the cold winter.  Everyone takes their Marzanna and parade to a large body of water, where he/she drops the Marzanna in.  It symbolizes winter disappearing.

  1. Sechseläuten

Once the first flowers begin to bloom, Sechseläuten is celebrated in Sweden.  Spring is celebrated by burning a snowman at a stake.  The tradition dates back to the sixteenth century, and the snowman is often filled with explosives.

  1. Baba Marta Day

In Bulgarian folklore, Baba Marta is a cranky old lady who, if not treated kindly, will bestow more cold winter days.  However, it is modern day and Baba Marta Day is celebrated by wearing red and white bracelets that symbolize health and fertility.  The red and white symbols are handed out to others to wish them peace and happiness.

  1. Holi

This very colorful spring celebration takes place in India.  Originally a Hindu tradition, Holi has spread to more parts of the world.  The night before Holi, there are many bonfires and parties.  The day of Holi, many gather on the streets and have a huge color fight with dyed powder thrown at each other.

  1. Bloemencorso Bollenstreek

The south Netherlands region hosts a 12-hour long flower parade to celebrate spring.  Entire floats are made of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.  Tons of people line up to watch the extravagant flower floats.

  1. Floriade

Australia hosts a massive flower festival each spring in their capital, Canberra.  About a million flowers bloom in Canberra’s Commonwealth Park in September.  Along with the flowers, there are concerts, art displays, workshops and other recreational activities.

  1. Whuppity Scoorie

In Lanark, Scotland, kids run around with crumpled balls of paper swinging around their heads on the first of March near dusk.  The children run around the town’s bell until it rings at six.  The old tradition is said to have started to rid the town of evil spirits before the season of spring started.

  1. Cimburijada

The “Festival of Free Scrambled Eggs” originates in Zenica, Bosnia.  Thousands come together every March as spring begins to eat free scrambled eggs.  The egg is a symbol of new life and are cooked in huge pots.  Many people come to celebrate from different countries.

  1. Falles

Every March in Valencia, Spain, three million people gather for a week satirical entertainment.  It is similar to Sweden’s Sechseläuten in which ninots, paper-mache figurines, are stuffed with firecrackers and set on fire.  The festival begins with honoring Saint Joseph, but ends in the burning of ninots.

  1. Hanami

Late March to early May, one could go to Japan and observe the famous cherry blossom trees.  People welcome spring by hosting parties or picnics under the trees.

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Spring Celebrations Around the World