Be Courageous

Destiny Allstead, Staff Writer

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MLK Jr. stood up to thousands for the equal rights of all. Rosa Parks stayed in her seat to prove a point. Jesus remained loyal to his faith despite being staked to the cross, being beaten, and being crowned with thorns. Joan of Arc maintained her beliefs after being criticized and later burned. Courage is a captivating virtue that is represented in our daily lives: from fairytales to the Bible, ancient myths to literature, politics to our screens. We all wish to exhibit more courage. Don’t fret, you can do it–we all can. But, let’s not confuse what true courage looks like.

When you think of courage, what do you see? Is it the ability to stand up to bullies? The ability to say no to social norms? Courage is not smoking despite fear of the health risk, nor is it lowering your personal beliefs to fit in.

Courage is the ability to act despite fear, but real courage requires wisdom. Real courage looks like the students from the Florida shooting standing up to end gun violence. It may be when you see a kid being bullied: instead of standing by, you say something. Courage comes with a risk: standing up for what you believe in despite what others believe or think of you. This can lead to the possibility of people retaliating against your beliefs.

With the risk, comes fear. Whenever we have something on the line, we fear the loss, but overcoming that fear can make you feel powerful. Acting courageously generally makes us feel good because it involves mastering our emotions. When you act upon the good of your heart instead of letting fear overpower you, it makes you feel proud, powerful, humane.

So the next time you fear acting righteous due to the norms of society, or the next time fear tries to keep you from trying something new, overpower it. Show yourself that you can do anything. Overpowering that emotion with give you more confidence and willpower to do more things you fear or feel uncomfortable doing.


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Be Courageous