Top New TV Shows

Ricky Clements, Staff Writer

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New TV shows keep networks both running and keep their name out there. There are still shows that have been on for quite some time that still generate money, but new shows keep profits going up. Some of the newest shows are remakes of old ones, or even just add-ons to shows or spin-off series.

Set to premiere on March 21, 2018, the show “Krypton” is coming out on SyFy. “Krypton” is set 200 years before the birth of Superman on the planet of Krypton. The show centers around Kal-El’s (Superman) grandfather Sag-El, who fights to regain his family’s honor. The show “Titans” is set to premiere sometime in 2018 as a reboot of the show “Teen Titans.” DC hasn’t released much information as to when it will be released or what channel you will be able to watch the show on. They also have only said it is going to follow the team led by Batman’s former sidekick. Coming to the channel Freeform is a 10-episode series from Marvel about superheroes Cloak and Dagger. It is set to air on June 7, 2108. CW’s newest show, “Black Lightning” aired on January 16, 2018. The show follows the retired superhero Black Lightning as he is forced to come out of retirement after a gang who calls themselves the 100, causes crime and corruption rates to rise rapidly. A long-awaited return is the show “Roseanne.” The first episode is set to air on March 27, 2108 on ABC. The show is set 20 years after the original show took place and will also star Roseanne Barr, the actor in the original show from the 90’s. Fox’s “LA to Vegas” aired on January 2, 2018. The show is a comedy about a discount flight that makes Friday-to-Saturday trips from LA to Vegas.

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Top New TV Shows