Benefits of Open-Mindedness

MaKayla Munn, Staff Writer

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It can be hard to be open-minded all the time; it isn’t something we were born with. It’s something we have to learn. To be open-minded you have to be open to everyone and everything that enters your life. You have to embrace different people, places, interests, opinions, religions, views, and more to be considered an open-minded person. All people are different, and we need to learn to accept and use that in order to better ourselves.

Being open-minded helps you to learn and grow and to strengthen your belief in yourself. Willing to consider new ideas gives you a new perspective on the world and can help you to become more empathetic to others around you.

There are so many benefits in opening your mind up to other people’s views. Once you open your mind up, a new sense of honesty is revealed about yourself: that you aren’t all knowing and there is always room for change and new ideas. You can free yourself of always having to be in complete control of your thoughts. You get to challenge your own thoughts with those of others. Changing how you see the world doesn’t mean changing your beliefs or yourself, but you get to have an option of a different perspective. By admitting you don’t know everything, and that there may be possibilities you haven’t thought of yet can be a very vulnerable feeling, but the effect can prove to be exhilarating by always being open to others. Open-mindedness can be a place to build new ideas; you can keep building and building with those new ideas and experiences, so they can strengthen yourself and your beliefs.

Here are some tips to help you become a more open person.:

  • Don’t get mad when you hear other’s opinions

-Put yourself in their shoes and realize that not everyone has the same views

  • Avoid closing yourself off

-Welcome new situations and use them as learning experiences

  • Place yourself out of your comfort zone

-Take the step and slowly make the changes

  • Stay Social

-Make some new friends and find their interests

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

-To gain a better understanding just ask questions. Be eager to learn.

  • Avoid speculation

-Experience and learn about things before you judge and don’t just blindingly believe something someone said


Having a positive attitude about new experiences can allow you to learn and enjoy new things every day.



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Benefits of Open-Mindedness