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High school can be a bore- assignment after assignment, hour after hour. By the time you reach 12th grade, it can get old quickly. Many teens across the world have been infected with a serious illness, an illness that many fear to even speak of: Senioritis. Senioritis, often self-diagnosed, is an affliction coined by students in their final year of high school. Some symptoms may include reduced motivation, procrastination, drowsiness, restlessness, and forgetfulness. Senioritis is a slow burn; often it doesn’t hit until after spring break, but some seniors catch it early.

With senioritis spreading like wildfire, doctors have done extensive research on the matter. Some doctors have come up with tips to help slow the effects. They recommend getting more sleep, spending time with loved ones, and maintaining a healthy diet.  But with procrastination in full effect, teens simply just say, “I’ll start tomorrow.” But alas, tomorrow is a relative term; it never comes.

Tevin Hunter, a senior, stated, “Sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed. I just want to be done. Micah Stemaly, also a senior, said, “I can’t wait to get out of here, not because I hate it, but because I hate waking up so early.” Unfortunately, there weren’t too many seniors to interview about their ailment as most of them are bedridden.

When you have a disease as serious as senioritis, you must take care of yourself. Drink water, get sleep, and keep your morale up. Senioritis is curable; however, graduation cures senioritis immediately, but getting your hands on graduation can take years. Is it worth it? If you still don’t believe senioritis is a legitimate disease, this article took two weeks to finish.

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