Student Athletes

Rebecca Jacobs, Staff Writer

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Between games, practices, tests and finding time for homework, it’s no doubt that student-athletes balance a lot throughout the school year. Many TRHS students enjoy their time being involved in athletics such as football, volleyball, basketball etc. Students described being involved in athletics as being “interesting” or just plain “hard.”

There are many pros and cons to being a student-athlete, but it seems that the good outweighs the bad for most students. Junior Dan Foura said, “The best thing about being involved in sports is that it gives me something to do, but the worst part is being sore.” Meanwhile, other students like senior Amy Tavernier said, “You’re able to make good bonds with teammates, but it takes up a lot of time.”

Athletics are for more than just staying in shape and giving students something to do. It offers students the ability to learn life skills and apply these same principles in the classroom. Sophomore Eddie Thompson said, “Sports helped me learn how to focus and follow directions better in class.” Tavernier said it made her realize that “practice makes perfect. If you don’t get something at first, you just have to keep working at it.”

It’s no secret that Three Rivers takes pride in its athletics. Community members and peers become fervent supporters during athletic events. Athletic Director Matt Stofer said, “It’s important that we have these student athletes because they develop good habits, time management and develop relationships with coaches and teammates. These students learn so many life skills from participating in athletics.”

For a few students, sports don’t stop in high school. Some students like sophomore Dylan Kennedy plan on pursuing a sports career in college. Kennedy, despite only being a sophomore has been scouted by colleges.  Kennedy said, “Colleges don’t only look at how you play. That’s why school comes first. If you can’t make it in the classroom you can’t make it on the field.”

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Student Athletes