Ghost Hunting… Real or Fake?

Darian Martin, Staff Writer

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Corny shows of “ghosts” caught on camera by “paranormal investigators” searching old haunted attractions has everyone wondering, “Are these shows legit?” “Are ghosts even real?” Hopefully, this article clears some of these doubts up.

During an interview, Benjamin Radford explains the hoax of ghost hunting shows. He claims he’s never seen “deliberate fakery,” but “I did see cases where the crew inadvertently made sounds or lights that were at least briefly interpreted as ghostly,” Radford said. Radford rides along with many ‘ghost hunting’ shows to determine if those shows are fabricated or not. But by watching the shows yourself, it is easy to detect the material is made up. “They seem rigged,” said sophomore, Theron Allen.

But inside the shows, they are actually ‘rigged’ more than most of us think. In those dark haunted rooms, we are perceived to think that there are just three or four people in the room searching for clues of a haunting; really there are up to eight or nine people lurking in the dark corners the camera doesn’t show. The shows use this perception as a chance that a sneaker squeak or a sigh will appear unexplained as signs of paranormal activity or hauntings. This is because these types of shows rely heavily on sounds they say they can’t explain or ‘debunk’ to say they are ghosts or signs of ghosts trying to communicate. “Most of that stuff on TV is bunk; it never happens like that,” said paranormal researcher, Vincent Amico. Most paranormal investigations take several visits over weeks and months to determine real signs of paranormal activity. So overall, with the evidence above, this article has concluded that in fact, the shows are not deliberately fabricated but are so for the sake of views, time and money.

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Ghost Hunting… Real or Fake?