Diversity Club

Emily Long, Staff Writer

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Last Monday January 29, 2018 a new club met for the first time in the high school library. This new club is Diversity Club, which was started and now advised by Ms. Angela Lathan. So what exactly is Diversity Club and what is it about?

Diversity Club is a club to bring awareness to different ethnicity groups, cultures, and activist groups. Lathan said, “The club is about making all students feel welcome and giving them a sense of other students being the same or similar to them.” Many of the members who attend the meetings find Lathan’s statement to be true, and a great number of the members are activists for the LGBT community as well as other diverse groups and cultures. Originally, due to the activism for the LGBT community shown by the students, the club was going to be called the Gay-Straight Alliance club, but Lathan said, “We decided to change the name because we wanted the club to be more open and not directed at a certin group of people.” By changing the name of the club, it left the door open to not only the LGBT community, but different ethnicity groups and cultures.

Lathan has many goals for this club and wants as many as students as possible to feel comfortable and open to joining. Lathan said, “The goals of the club are to facilitate open discussion, to create an environment that feels open to all students, and to help each other learn more about different cultures.”


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Diversity Club