Does TRHS have Talent?

Sam Riley, Staff Writer

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Everybody has a special talent. Whether it’s touching his/her tongue to his/her nose, or playing guitar like a rock star. On February 9, 2018, during homecoming week, students had a chance to showcase their special talents. Talent shows provide a means of entertainment, while also allowing students to demonstrate their hidden abilities. Mrs. Karle, the head of student council said, “The student members who helped organize this have been a big help.” She also said finding judges was no issue, “I just emailed a few teachers, and they said they would.”

The opening act was Trent Barley and Reiden Adams on drums. Their performance was one of comic relief to lighten up the crowd. After that, Micah Stemaly and Ryan Connelly showcased their skills on drums. There were roughly 10 acts for the talent show, but there could only be three winners. In third place, Ben Conroy with interpretive dance; in second place, Morgan Crippin singing and playing Ukulele; and in first place, Stemaly and Connelly playing drums.

After the results, the crowd chanted, “Encore! Encore!” for the drummers to play another piece. While playing their encore, Ben Conroy also came out to dance to their playing, along with Trent Barley. All in all, the talent show was a success and people seemed to enjoy the performances. There have already been rumors of another talent show in the 2018-2019 school year.

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Does TRHS have Talent?