InDesign- An Editor’s Point of View

Kaitlin Ritchie, Senior Editor

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InDesign is a stupid, stupid, stupid program but useful at the same time.  Without InDesign, we would not be able to lay out our print editions.  But you know how many problems occur during that process? Millions! First, text boxes aren’t always cooperative.  Sometimes you can’t put a text box next to a picture because the words will disappear.  Then there’s the stinking missing links that you have to go and search for in your folders just to verify that you got it from the computer! Once you think you’re good because you have two years of experience using it, it stabs you in the back and laughs in your face.  It’s like the annoying friend you never really want to hang out with, but if there’s no other options and you’re afraid of looking lonely, you’d probably suffer through InDesign’s company.  The trickiest part of InDesign for an editor would be completely filling the space provided.  You’ll either have too much space and just start placing snowflakes everywhere, or you won’t be able to fit everything you need, not to mention that it can be very stressful when put on a major deadline.  Will you get everything done? Will it look nice? Is it good enough? The problem is, no matter how many times you check for errors, after it is published, you will find something that you missed.

InDesign is pretty difficult, but it does have some pretty nice features that save some time.  For example, you can move a bunch of stuff by making a box with your mouse around whatever you want to move; thus, making it so much easier to move a group of things that look great somewhere else.  InDesign also has the tool called “clipping path” that makes up for what you couldn’t do well on Photoshop.  All in all, in my honest opinion, InDesign is like most technology; very useful, but incredibly stupid at the most inconvenient time.

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InDesign- An Editor’s Point of View