Why You Should Go to an All Woman’s College

Gigi Gioiosa, Senior Editor

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When thinking of going to college, most women never consider an all-women’s college. Although that may sound unappealing to most people, the friendships and connections you make at an all-women’s college changes your life forever.

With being at an all-women’s college, every night is a girl’s night. Get together with your friends and have sleep overs, movie nights, or just go out. There will most likely be surrounding co-ed colleges that you can still be able to have a good time with guys and girls.

Inspiring women inspire other women. You won’t have sexist moments, or “alpha” males to shut down your opinion. With being surrounded by a group of empowering women, you’ll most likely be motivated to speak up and act out because you’ll actually have support. No more being shunned to the corner; women are more likely to encourage their own peers and eventually all of them will be able to stand up for what they believe in.

With being surrounded by girls, you’re able to be open about everything. You don’t have to hide your tampons walking to the bathroom or be in fear of boys being grossed out by your complaints about cramps. You’ll have support from your girls and actually be able to relate on levels with girls.

Overall, going to an all-women’s college has many benefits. You’ll create lifelong friendships who could eventually end up being your future bridesmaids for your wedding.

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Why You Should Go to an All Woman’s College