Should You Fear Death?

Mohammad Abuhaltam, Staff Writer

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Your perception of what happens to you after you pass away from this world is solely based on your beliefs. But all these beliefs share one thing; that death is certain for every single life ever created. Everything with a start, comes with an end. Bringing forth the question, should we fear death? The topic alone on death, is a very touchy one, because no matter how certain death is, it’s the time that it meets you that puts fear into those who can fear.

Various different religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. teach you to embrace death as a new door built for you to the afterlife. Whether that be reincarnation or some type of paradise, believers to those religions use this ideology as hope for peace of mind before and after the coming of death. However, all humans only find it natural to value their lives unless some psychological issues are in play, whether the belief of life after death is there or not. Value of things bring upon fear of losing such commodities. You value your life because you’re in the midst of making it into a better one, hence death brings the downfall of everything you have built your life on; all in all no one likes the idea of having what he has built come down in pieces.

Anticipate death, but don’t live it. No good comes from thinking about death and specifically waiting for it while your life literally drains as you overthink such thoughts. Make your present self happy so your future will experience the same, even with an unquestionable end.

Try to go more in depth with your thinking on the matter of death.  As stated before, it’s certain for all of us, so why fear something that is set to happen? My point exactly. 79 years is the projected average life span for our century’s human beings. Enjoy it all, every minute of that 79 years or however many you have in you. Don’t fear something that you know will bring an end to all this; mock it. Life life to its full potential so that when it does arrive at your doorstep, you will be there to take it into open arms because there are no regrets.


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Should You Fear Death?