The Extinction of Peace and Unity

Mohammad Abuhaltam, Staff Writer

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I long for a world where money does not consume everything in arm’s reach. I desire for the child with nothing in a third world country to know what it’s like to actually have something, whether that’s the enjoyment of having someone to love them, to be provided with a life where they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from; or at least a proper education!  I wish sickness never existed and would not take people’s loved ones away from them. I rue for the people who turn to harmful drugs, alcohol, or any type self medication to deal with their problems. I long for a world of peace, love, and happiness, instead of one integrated with bloodshed, corruption, and hate.


This world is truly a dark, cold place where people are controlled by greed, power, and control. But WE as the human species, a specimen gifted with a brain, heart, and spirit, can eliminate all these evils in OUR world. A world where the statement “To a better tomorrow” will actually hold true meaning after thousands of years of hoping for it. A tomorrow where our future generations can be happy and thrive to be successful and actually be successful. A tomorrow where all races, religions, and ethnicities would unite to share the same dream and actually work to achieve it.


The time is now to destroy the wicked ways this world runs on. If EVERYONE doesn’t act now, the fate of this generation and future generations are at risk of being permanently corrupted and have no mind or opinion to state; this society’s kin are a reflection of us and this world’s future image. Shield yourself and the ones around you from the wickedness and lies that try to manipulate the state of your mind and this world. Don’t be that of a snake, but be that of a lion. After all, which of the two protects the jungle?

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The Extinction of Peace and Unity