Losing What Completes You

Mohammad Abuhaltam, Staff Writer

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When you lose someone who held a place in your heart, it really breaks your original outlook of this world or life in general. You go to a very dark place; mentally, resulting in the disappearance of the person you once were. Nothing will bring that person you held dear to your heart back, or your old self. There is not one thing in this world worse than someone to experience all of this. Their physical health worsens, they become distant, their favorite food becomes bitter to the taste, they lack proper sleep because their mind is wide awake while their body is tired from the pain it experiences, and the worst of it, depression becomes their best friend and worst enemy.

How is it that just because when a living thing is born, they must also die? That’s the ugly truth about this life. It begins and then ends just like a book. So many unanswered questions and emptiness in one’s sanity because of this proven ideology. Human beings are sensitive creatures; they hold the things that matter to them most with high regard and powerful meaning. The most selfish thing to be in existence is indeed life; it lacks empathy and moral logic. It gives to you and takes from you also questioning your mindset on the meaning of life and all.

Numbness becomes very attractive to the eyes of those who have lost that which makes them whole. You lose sight of the path to happiness and focus only on not to feel anything, even if it is truly happiness, as long as you don’t feel the pain that attempts to slowly dig into you until there is no more of you. You turn to drugs, alcohol, or go into a trance of sadness that will only push you down a path of pain even more. But as long as you don’t feel that pain, it’s all okay right?

What really breaks you, are the memories that you still hold in your heart and mind from the person that was once the light in your life. You begin to envy it all, replaying those beautiful moments in your mind over, and over trying to comfort yourself. The thing is, is that it makes everything even worse. You miss them even more because those memories were once a reality, but not anymore, making you hate everything that is in front of you at that very moment. Whether there is an afterlife to this sorrowful world or not, no good comes from losing the person who once made you truly laugh and smile, the same person who you shared curiosity and adventure with, and of course, who once was the completing piece to the puzzle that you know as life.

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Losing What Completes You