A Man of Inner Peace and Unity

Mohammad Abuhaltam, Staff Writer

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What if societies incorporated absolute fascism into their governmental and economic systems? To sacrifice a classification of people, risk profound peace, or even lock away natural human morals only for them to serve their own interests with the power created on the backs of indigent individuals? Sounds absurd, right? Well, unfortunately civilizations and powerful rulers have been applying this type of system into their own nations ever since the idea of dominance and social classes among humans ever existed. Even until this day, you see governments continuously ignore the people of their land who sacrifice everything to make the illusion of prosperity come to life. For thousands of years, this has caused bloodshed and chaos throughout kingdoms and nations all over the world, creating a tunnel vision aimed only for greed. Subsequently, a man by the name of Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, used his words and unlocked minds to provide clarity to the eyes of the people who were oppressed  by this structural type system and planted the seed of true unity and peace into everyone who heard his words.

“The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being.” One of the most applied philosophies of all time, said by Socrates himself, explains how if one doesn’t question nor evaluate life around them, then they are living in a state of blindness. Socrates’ main intention was to teach people how to recognize moral and immoral concepts and not to fog their minds with greed, power, and any form of selfishness. Analyze this, if everyone made every decision based on moral choosing or standards, there would be no evil, wickedness, or corruption. Socrates’ mindset was way ahead of his time, hence, he was regarded as the founder of this way of thinking known as “westernized” philosophy.

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” A way of thinking Socrates incorporated in words describes how if a person wants to change the world in a positive way, he must do the same to himself first. How will a person who hasn’t even applied positivity and progress to themselves, steer the world in a direction that will result in prosperity and success? It can’t be done. Hence, to change anything for good, change yourself. Socrates took the thinking of logic and essentially put it in words for everyone to understand and the fact that it pertains to peace and improvement in this world and your singular life, makes it that more rational and well put.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Here Socrates explains how you shouldn’t ponder on the past but to innovate for the future in every way possible, whether it’s your individuality, the society you’re in, or life in general. Time is always moving and so is this world. If you get stuck in fixing the past, you just waste time when you can be making the world a better place or yourself for that matter. To waste time, is to waste energy. Energy is what gives you motivation. You can never progress without motivation.

Socrates was a man of reasoning. He was a very logical thinker and applied this type of thinking to converting the thoughts that pertained to success and prosperity into words of understanding, which all leads to peace in society as a whole. To have peace is to be triumphant. And when a society or anything of the such, is indeed at peace and triumphant, only success will prosper, leading to complete ease and happiness. With Socrates words, he explained this to anyone who would hear out  his words, giving them a sense of knowing.

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A Man of Inner Peace and Unity