Freshman Impressions: Class of 2021

Alex Marsh, Staff Writer

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Do you remember what it was like to be a freshman? Were the halls too big? Were the upperclassman scary? This year’s freshmen all have their own thoughts on when they first came to the high school. Some talked about how big it was and how easy it was to get lost while others talked about how nice their teachers are.

Remember when youre parents and siblings and upperclassmen were all talking about some of the teachers they had and how you didn’t want to have them. Well Brandy Lawson said just that. She said, “I remember when I first got here, and I heard so many things about Miss Gates and Mr. Anderson, and I really didn’t want them.” But honestly once you have them, it turns out they’re pretty good teachers and teach some really amazing subjects.

Zoe Swartz said, “It was really big and kinda scary; I didn’t know where I was going, and all of the halls looked the same.” This is something that has been said by freshmen for years. Saying how easy it is to get lost because the size of the school, Cameron Newberry said, “It was a lot bigger and newer, and it just seems a lot better than the middle school.” This is always something that freshman have been saying for a while, simply because our hallways seem so much bigger and brighter.

Kylie Johnson said, “I don’t like how unorganized the hallways are because everybody is always bumping into each other.” This is something very important to keep in mind when walking down the hall because no one likes getting bumped into. Also, nobody likes when you stop in the middle of the hall. Johnson also said, “I think the teachers are much more considerate here; they care about you and your grades more.”

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Freshman Impressions: Class of 2021