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Heaven Grochoske, Staff Writer

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Lunch time-we all look forward to that thirty minutes of no school work and chowing down. At TRHS we have department called Food Services. They provide us with our breaktfast, lunch, and daily snacks. Have you ever thought about the work that goes into your daily meals?

Of course, having to serve about 710 students a day, there are many different jobs that go into getting  meals ready. For example, cook, assistant cook, sandwich person, salad person, fruit and condiment person, help in the office, and also someone to help with breakfast. The cooks start preparing for lunch and breaktfast at about 6:30 in the morning. Their jobs are not finished until 12:28-1:00 when third lunch ends and the cleaning is finished.

According to, 21.7 million American kids get free or reduced lunch. Free or reduced lunch is essential because “lower income families have the opportunity to eat lunch every day and it’s confidential,” said Linda Cupp, a worker in the food services department. Some families cannot spend the $2.55 for lunch every day, so this program is especially helpful for them. A helpful addition we have to our lunch time is the snack bar. With 22 years of business at TRHS, the snack bar provides a healthy variety of snacks for students to choose from with their own money. All the funds from the snack bar go right back into the food services department. The students are, in fact, the priority.

Not only do they make our food but they never cease to have a good mood that positively effects everyone when we get our food. Something the students appreciate about our lunch ladies is that “they are always smiling and really polite,” said junior Lexi Shank. How do they feel? “The best part of the job? YOU students! I love seeing your smiling faces! I love to give you good food! I love seeing and hearing about your interests, accomplishments and daily doings!” said Karla Schrader, our local lunch lady. With everything they do for us we can make their jobs easier by simply picking up after yourself, being respectful, and having patience.

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Behind The Cuisine