I Ruff You

Alex Marsh, Staff Writer

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Imagine the world ending and the only way of life is to fight for your basic necessities or to die. That’s what it’s like for millions of dogs who have either been abandoned by their owners or born in the streets. Aproximately 3.3 million dogs go into shelters every year. Some are brought there by former owners, but most are abandoned and picked up off the streets. The number of homeless animals is greater than the number of homless people. Each year 670,000 dogs are euthanized all because people thought that they weren’t cute enough or that they were too old. Imagine how that would make you feel as a person if some didn’t want you in their lives because you weren’t pretty enough or because you were too old.

There is a brighter side to this story though. Every year 1.6 million dogs are adopted and 62,000 strays are returned to their homes. Sadly, that does leave 1.08 million dogs unadopted each year, and your local animal shelter can only house so many.  Why should you adopt a shelter dog? I mean, you don’t know their past experiences and how they behave. Well these people have the answer for you. Senior, Jillian Thurmand said, “Shelter dogs deserve to be loved just like animals who have a home,” Freshman Brianna Nelson said, “They need homes and shouldn’t have to be lonely the rest of their lives,” Senior Tyler Moore said, “So they have a place to stay and have a family.”

If you are looking to adopt a dog, there are multiple places nearby like the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, located at 6955 W Kl Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. You can reach them at the number 269-344-1474. If you’ve already got a dog, you can bring it along and see how your dog(s) react with the new addition to the family. They will also ask you a lot of questions to make sure the dog will have a happy, long, and stable life and also to make sure that you don’t bring it back just because you didn’t find a good fit. You will get asked things about you or your family’s lifestyle, your financial situation, the number of pets you have and their species, the number of people in the house and their ages, your previous experience with pets and also what you expect out of a pet.

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I Ruff You