Girls Golf Wants to Return to State

Alex Marsh, Staff Writer

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While the fall sport that gets the most attention is football, there are many other sports such as girls’ golf. The girls’ golf team consists of five people: freshman Jayley Zeimet, juniors Sara Haydon, Heidi Hines, Michaela Shocley, senior Erin Taylor, and coach Martin Zeimet. Shockley said, “It’s (golf) more about strategy and strength.” Hines and Haydon both said that a round will usually last about three hours. A goal for the team is getting to state again.

Coach Zeimet said some of their strenths are experience and work ethic. “Our upperclassmen have a lot of swings under their belts. The other strength is work ethic. The entire team puts in golf work time on the weekends–on their own.” When the game is not going well, he encourages them to just move on and keep playing. Coach Ziemet also has the same goal for his team as they do for themselves: to go to state. Coach Ziemet said he has specific expectations for his team: “I expect them to demonstrate good sportsmanship. They are expected to learn and use the proper etiquette for golf. They are expected to support each other. As for performance, they are expected to compete for a conference tournament title, a regional tournament title, and to qualify for the state tournament. Individually, three players are in contention for All-Conference.”

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Girls Golf Wants to Return to State