Why this Greedy Society is Depressed

Mohammad Abuhaltam, Staff Writer

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Society today is at its highest state of depression. When a young child is denied what they want, do they not cry until they get whatever it is? This is still the same even when the child has grown into being a teenager or an adult. Instead now it hits the teen or adult harder and they don’t show it. For instance, another thing that the world today makes you partake, is how everyone has to be numb towards any negativity. People will totally ignore facts in front of them even if its ugly, which is very unfortunate for those who truly suffer.

The source of all this is the simple question, how much do we want? If you look back at the earliest of the 20th century, kids didn’t need an iPad to have fun. Teens didn’t need a Samsung Galaxy to have a social life. Adults didn’t need a credit card to be happy. Ever since the end of World War 2, 70 years ago, this society or world in general shifted to a more materialistic one with everyone pursuing “The American Dream”, causing more cases of depression and suicide to come into play.

Advertisements, social media, or media in general has compressed and forced almost every mindset this way, all controlled by corporations to sell their product or an ideology that pertains to their beneficial liking. They use things such as the television, cell phones, or any device that can transfer mass media to the viewer. But oh well right? With advancements of life comes with risk of a shorter one.

Many people today only want to achieve wealth, beauty, and fame. These values are the fall to their happiness. Factors that control these ideaologies are things such as the music industry and the media. They manipulate you into this trap that will keep you in a narrow mindset for your entire life, while they make profit off this whole system that they have manipulated.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.” Einstien stated. He predicted the sole weakness in future society would be technology. This is so because of the fact that technology is making us as a civilization lazier and more stupid. Kids are looking for answers online for homework not even understanding how the answer was achieved. This cause also has an effect, the state of depression that poisons minds.

Morals, ideologies, perceptions of the common good, are all victims of this materielstic and greedy enviornement to which we know as society. Its simple, we don’t get what we want so we cry and rant about it till we fall asleep, making for a very unproductive life style. What is it to have what you want but not experience natural happiness?

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Why this Greedy Society is Depressed