What It’s Like Being An Exchange Student

Lars Eivind Lund, Staff Writer

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In February this year, I decided that I wanted to be an exchange student in the United States of America. It was something I had considered doing for a long time.

Four weeks ago, I left Norway for America, where I’m going to spend this entire school year. During my first four weeks here, I have experienced a lot of new things. I’ve tried new food, seen new places, and made new friends.

There are a lot of differences between the U.S and Norway. For example, the school is different. In Norway, the class has it’s own classroom instead of the teachers. We also use computers less in school here in America, than we do back in Norway.

Almost everywhere I go, I see an American flag. Before my soccer games, “the Star Spangled Banner” is played. This gives the impression that Americans are very proud of their country. I think many of you are, but I have also met several students at TRHS who aren’t very fond of their own country. Americans are very honest about their opinions. That’s something I appreciate.

Americans are also very hard-working people. I have sport practices every day here. That’s not usual where I’m from. I’ve heard about band practices that have lasted for 11 hours. You train hard for long periods of time to become as good as you can, which I admire.

I’ve been here for one month now.  I’m excited to see how the rest of my stay here will be. I’ve already learned a lot and have seen things from a different perspective, and I’m sure the rest of my stay here will be just as rewarding as the first month has been. Exchange is definitely the toughest thing I’ve ever done.  I miss my family and friends at home, but most Americans are very nice people, so I’m glad that I’ve come here.


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What It’s Like Being An Exchange Student