Are Sports Taking Over?

Emily Long, Staff Writer

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The roaring of the fans penetrates the ears as the football team achieves their winning touchdown. The ring of the buzzer gives anticipation to hear a correct or incorrect statement projected from an anxious student’s lips at quiz bowl, but if it’s correct, is there anyone there to cheer the student on?

It is no question that sports have surpassed academics in the favorite pasttime category, but should sports and athletes be put on a higher pedestal than those who are academically involved and inclined? In today’s age, unlike earlier generations, having good grades does not make you a nerd or a geek. In fact most high schools require athletes to be passing their classes (D or higher) to participate in games, meets, matches, etc. “ Grades are very important because they’re what I need to get into a good college,” said junior Traven VanOss, a varsity football player.

Although these sports players may receive good grades, they are only ever recognized for their accomplishments in sports activites. What does this mean for students who do well in school and don’t play sports? Will they ever get recognition for anything?  Senior Science Olympiad member Joe Embil said, “Yes by far sports are more recognized than academics. There are pep assemblies and all these things for recognition of sports and academic teams can barely get an announcement in the morning.” This statement made by Embil holds true not only in high school, but in the community as well. In the Three Rivers Commercial Newspaper (online website) there were approximately seven hundred sports articles, six quiz bowl articles, and three Science Olympiad articles. With the sports articles dating back to 2015-17, and quiz bowl and Science Olympiad articles dating back to 2016-17.

The real question is why? Why are sports being more recognized? Junior quiz bowl member Ryan Connelly said, “because our culture just values that stuff more than academics.” Whereas senior softball player Amy Jo Tavernier said, “I feel this is because most people are not aware of academic events.” The question still stands: Why are sports more recognized? Is it truly just our culture or is it awareness?

Will this issue be dealt with in the future or will sports always outweigh academics? Embil said, “I think sports should be recognized and stay that way, but I want to see a community that is as excited for academic teams and sports teams; that’s what I want to work towards in the future as a community.”

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Are Sports Taking Over?