Sideline Cheer

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Sideline cheer-when school’s ending and summer is just beginning! You thought you were done with those early mornings, well think again. Cheerleaders are never done with those early mornings, getting up every morning and practicing two hours a day. So I’d say just think again if you want to be a cheerleader.

This year for sidlene, the Coaches Cassidee Sinkler and JayCee Bingaman made a ton of cuts, but they still have about 30 girls all together. 17 of the girls are on JV. Why so many? “Because I wanted to give as many girls the opportunity to learn how to cheer to help build our program,” said Coach JayCee Bingaman. This year the cheer team has 10 new girls, seven on JV and three on varsity, one being a foreign exchange student. On varsity, they have eight seniors, so next year they will be moving lots of people up, so be sure to try out!

You think practices are hard?  Sophmore Shelby McNamee said, “No, because all we do is chants, and I’m not new.” Most practices the girls will start out running, stretching, and then getting into lines and working on all the chants for the season. About five minutes before practice is out, the girls will roll up mats and then get into a circle and do a break before leaving. Sideline cheer’s hardest part is “Homecoming, because we have to get all our stuff done in a short amount of time on top of our regular cheer schedule,” said senior BayLee Raymond. That time every year is the most stressful time for everyone, including the coaches.

The girls who made the team this year actually get to keep their uniforms this year. Many girls are excited about that. “ I’m excited because I get to keep it for memories because I’m a senior,” said Oviana Harper.The girls only had to pay $50 for their uniforms because of the fundraising they did for it, which is a super good deal! The girls all have a lot of fun. Sideline is a good way to interact with people and helps you to not be so shy. It’s a pretty fun experience for everyone.

If you’re thinking of trying something new, tryouts are every year around the end of May, beginning of June, right after school. Get your friends to come with you; you never know what will happen until you try.Sideline is fun, but if you want a real challenge, try out for competitive!

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Sideline Cheer