2017 Volleyball

Gigi Gioiosa, Senior Editor

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This year’s volleyball program is already making a huge impact. The freshman, JV, and varsity girls have been working hard since June and have yet to settle. With the conference season officially starting a few weeks ago, varsity specifically has come out with a bang.

The varsity Ladycats are running through the teams this year with an overall record of 16-9-2 and a conference record of 3-0. Last year their overall record didn’t come anywhere close to what it is now. They have already overcome many challenges with a most exciting win against Otsego last week for homecoming week on Thursday night. The varsity girls swept the bulldogs in three while freshman and JV sadly lost in three sets.

The starting six lineup for the varsity Ladycats is a special one this year. Freshman Kali Heivilin is a part of the six. She never saw starting as a possibility, so when her first varsity match came around, she described it as “super nerve wracking but very exciting,” she said. Heivilin, being a 5’10 freshmen, brings a big block and a strong arm to the right side position. Sophomore Hadley Miller has come out with a bang this year as well. Starting as a middle and then transitioning to a setter, she has the second leading kill and assist stat of the season.

The team chemistry this year is one to remember. “We talk a lot more, we’re more positive, and we cheer each other on a lot more” said Miller. Team chemistry is extremely important to a team, and this year’s team is very close. Although the team is young this year, the bonding is kept strong through the leadership of the four seniors, Maya Bidelman, Gigi Gioiosa, Campbell Haradine, and Tessa Hawkins.

The volleyball program hopes to continue their strong season and push through the competition as they go. The program’s next conference match is Thursday, Sept. 21 at Paw Paw. Freshman and JV start a 5 while varsity starts at 6.

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2017 Volleyball