Track Season Wrap-Up

Katie Geans, Staff Writer

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Although the track season has ended, the boys and girls teams have done a pretty good job keeping up with opposing teams. Boys’ Coach Alex Schmidtendorff said, “The season has been a success. While we weren’t as competitive as a team as we have been is past years, this group still had a lot of great accomplishments.” Girls’ Coach James Phillips said, “This season has been a lot of fun. The girls came in ready to work and have really improved throughout the season.”

On Tuesday, May 30, both the boys and girls teams competed at the U.A.W. St. Joseph County All Star Meet. Sophomore Dan Foura, senior Andrew Johnson, freshman Seite Kiser, and sophomore Traven VanOss got first place in the 4×400 relay. Senior Michael Coffey got second place and sophomore Tyler Chapman got third place in the high jump activity; Coffey got first and senior Deion Deans got second in the long jump activity. For the girls, junior Arionne Fowlkes got first in the 100 meter race. Junior Stephanie McLochlin got first and sophomore Shelby Krawczak got third in the 400 meter race. Junior Kaitlin Ritchie got first and junior Carissa Kelley got second the 800 meter race. Kelley got first place in the 1600 and the 3200 meter race. Senior Campbell Haradine, senior Althea Kiser, senior Romina Schneider, and senior Desiree Sussdorf won second place in the 4×100 relay. Freshman Kiara Kamptner, senior Althea Kiser, senior Romina Schneider, and senior Desiree Sussdorf won the 4×200 relay. Junior Arionne Fowlkes, sophomore Shelby Krawczak, freshman Hadley Miller, and senior Stephanie McLochlin won first place in the 4×400 relay. Junior Carissa Kelley, freshman Hadley Miller, senior Stephanie McLochlin, and junior Kaitlin Ritchie won first in the 4×800 relay. Junior Isabella Taylor got first in shot put. Junior Amaya Hamilton got second in discus. Senior Campbell Haradine got first in pole vault. Sophomore Shelby Krawczak got first place in long jump.

On Saturday, June 3, the MHSAA LP D2 State Finals took place. Both teams competed; however, they did not rank.

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Track Season Wrap-Up