What Makes America Great

Sidnee Arney, Staff Writer

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President Donald J Trump ran his presidential campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again.” Plastered on hats, shirts, and even skin, some have accepted this phrase, while others question its meaning. What made America so great in the first place? And what went wrong to make it in need of fixing?

Growing up, I always saw (and was taught) that America is the home of the free. I watched the fireworks on the fourth of July and wrote honored fallen soldiers and veterans in elementary school. We were taught that it was a privilege growing up in America. We were taught to respect those who sacrificed their lives to serve our country. These acts of patriotism have been the foundation of America. From the very beginning when our founding fathers came together and declared America free from British rule, patriotism was the reason they were able to. But how, Mr. Trump, can you claim to be so patriotic stating, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice,” but yet you harass veterans with PTSD calling them “not strong.” You’re the leader of the free world, but the decisions that you make don’t show leadership and aren’t presidential.

So, Mr. Trump, what made America great in the first place? The answer? The American people made it great, and have continued to make it great. You yourself have not made America great. It is us who can control the well-being of America. But you’ve only managed to divide us. As President Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself will not stand.” You are supposed to unite us, but instead you’ve caused us to riot. The things you say and do have no way of being justified. You say that we will be “one people, under one god, under an American Flag.” But that isn’t what our country was founded on. We’re known as the melting pot. We take refugees from other countries desperate for a better life. But you decided to not accept refugees fleeing for their lives from Syria. Then you ban immigration from seven Muslim countries. News flash (this is not fake news by the way), not everyone will believe in the same god that you believe in, and that’s been happening for centuries. Our First Amendment rights guarantee us the freedom to practice whatever religion we believe in, whether that be Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.. So how dare you infringe on the rights that we were guaranteed at the start of this wonderful country.

So what made America in need of fixing? Nothing. America is fine the way it is, or, the way it was before you became president. We were in good standing with other countries, countries that now hate us. We showed more solidarity than we do now, and although it wasn’t all grand, at least we weren’t ashamed to say who our president was.

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What Makes America Great