How to Have a Productive Summer

Darian Martin, Staff Writer

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Summer can be boring. Especially, if you have no plans or don’t plan on traveling. The best way to spend a boring summer is to be productive. Yes, productive, as in preparing for the next year of high school or college. This may seem like the worst way to spend your already boring summer, but trust and believe that if you are already having a bland summer, why not prepare for the next year and make your next year of school a lot easier.

Get a summer job. You have to make the money to do things during the summer somehow; it’s not always fun asking your parents for money to do this and that. Even though having a job can be tedious, time consuming, and tiring, but in the end, you will come out with your own cash and working experience for future references. Another option is internships. Yes interns mainly do boring jobs like coffee runs and organizing papers/files for free. It may sound like the dumbest idea, but internships are beneficial. In fact, internships can help you further learn about the career you plan to pursue, and it looks good as experience for when you plan on furthering that career.

Another productive summer plan is taking online classes. That may seem like the worst way to spend your summer, but actually, online classes may only consume a couple hours of your time each day and taking the extra classes is going to mean less classes next year. Although taking classes over the summer is hard to be motivated for, taking classes over the summer will also strengthen your transcript and prepare you for college.

Something that is more fun, but less productive is summer camp. Summer camp is a great experience to learn about the outdoors; you could possibly make new friends, and camp can give you a chance to travel, but it isn’t very beneficial schoolwise, tends to make you homesick, and can be expensive.

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How to Have a Productive Summer