Favorite Things About Summer

Renee Surdick, Staff Writer

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Summer is the time where students look forward to no school and time to themselves. It’s also the time when the nice weather comes to stay. Students may leave the state or they may just hang out with their friends during their summer vacation. Here are some responses as to why TRHS students like summer:

Junior Rylee Menz said, “The warm weather because I get to soak up the sun.”

Junior Emily Long said, “Getting to spend time with my friends and family because I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them during the school year.”

Freshman Bailey Appoloni said, “Sleeping in because I have to get up early for school.”

Junior Catelynn Hurd said, “Ice cream and the beach because I love being able to go to the beach and not have to worry about school or work, and I can hang with friends.”

Senior Morgan Drumm said, “I like spending time with family and going to the beach because I love swimming and building sand castles with my niece.”

Sophomore Sara Haydon said, “Relaxing and laying in the sun because I don’t have to worry about anything, and I just have fun.”

Junior Denesha Anding said, “Being free and doing what I want.”

Senior Mikayla Wilcox said, “Being able to stay outside late and being able to enjoy the weather.”

Senior Kayla Crippin said, “Going to the beach.”

Junior Arionne Fowlkes said, “Not being at school.”

Junior Alex Marsh said, “I like the color of the sky.”

Junior Ariel Richards said, “Band camp because all of my friends are in band and guard, and I enjoy putting my all into something I enjoy.”

Junior Breanna Roberts said, “Definitely spending all my time at guard and band camp.”

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Favorite Things About Summer