Senior Year Excitement

Sidnee Arney, Staff Writer

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As the seniors prepare for graduation, the junior class prepares to take over the role as the new senior class. The summer before senior year is a busy one for those who are planning on attending college, and as they search for scholarships and grants to pay the costly bill that accompanies an education, they get excited about the future. Taking your senior pictures, ordering your cap and gown, and paying the fees that come with being a senior are some of the exciting but not so exciting parts of senior year. And while you’re doing all this, you’re trying to keep your grades up and not procrastinate (more than usual.) As juniors, we’ve been told what to expect for senior year, but each person is excited for different things than others.

 “I’m excited to be done with school. I’m ready to move on to my next adventure.”-Junior, Amy Jo Tavernier

“I really don’t know. I wasn’t planning on showing up.”-Junior, Micah Stemaly

“I may be short but I’m still excited to be on top of the school.”-Junior, Maddie Reus

“I’m excited to have more freedom that accompanies being a senior.”-Junior, Nichole Sayer

“Marching band. It’s going to be my last year, and it’s also a Florida year.” -Junior, Ariel Richards

“Planning for college.” -Junior, Andrew Rodaks

“Not being here. I have all college classes.”-Junior, Cole Burpee

“It’s my last year. I’m just ready to be done.”-Junior, Wesley Keith

“Being the top dog at school and graduating.”-Junior, Amaya Hamilton

“I’m most excited about the end of senior year.”-Junior, Micah Outman

“Pole vaulting, wrestling, and DECA.”-Junior Dewayne Johnson

“I’m most excited about graduation.”-Junior, Carissa Kelley

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Senior Year Excitement