The Robocat Rendezvous

Logan Evans, Staff Writer

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As we continue to search for school clubs in this week’s column, it is important to remember to do your own research. Three Rivers High School does offer many clubs that I personally advise people to consider joining, but the opportunities don’t end there. There are many clubs and events to take into consideration when trying to get involved. For example, join a sport, a work study, a volunteer program or even one of the CTE classes hosted around our community. With that said, this week’s focus will be on Mr. Webb’s Robotics Club.

Known as the Robocats, this club consists of everything engineering. Can you code? Are you a kinesthetic learner? Or do you simply enjoy the idea of robots? This club has it all. Every January a group of entrepreneurs get together to discuss what kind of robot they need to build to compete in the annual competition hosted in March. If a ball needs thrown, or a moat needs to be crossed, this team of extraordinary inventors figures out the most efficient way to make their creation overcome the presented obstacles. The design process begins with brainstorming, then ideas are pitched, an idea is chosen and the work begins through the use of a CNC machine, CAD drawings and electrical components.  It’s amazing to see a pile of scraps become a fantastic contraption capable of various feats. The Robotics club meets every day after school at the middle school from January to March. Anyone interested can participate, though Mr. Webb claims that the kids who grow up tinkering in the garage with their dad tend to find the club more enjoyable. If interested in joining the robotics team, see Mr. Webb for details.

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The Robocat Rendezvous