How To Juggle Work, School, and Sports

Renee Surdick, Staff Writer

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For some students, juggling work, school, and sports may be difficult. Throughout high school, students start learning how to deal with various responsibilities at one time, learning how to prioritize. Focusing on multiple responsibilities may be hard for some, so taking time to adjust to their schedule is very important. Seniors especially have to use their time wisely because they have more responsibilities than most students. Seniors need time to focus on work, school, sports, and filling out applications for college, so their time is valuable. Senior Erish Edmisten said, “I just don’t waste time; time is valuable.”
Time management is important when on a busy schedule. Wasting time will only set you back, so wasting time is not an option. Using time management also helps you succeed at your work. Senior Weston Geans said, “I don’t waste time; I use my time wisely to get everything done.” Some students will do their schoolwork throughout the day instead of cramming everything in the night before. Students who have a job may even do their school work at their job, so they’re not stressing to get it done. Junior Ariel Richards said, “I try to find times throughout the day, or I’ll do it at work.”
Time management may be the best tool for students because it helps prepare them for life after high school. There are ways to manage responsibilities, so students should find what works best for them.

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How To Juggle Work, School, and Sports