Plans KIA Art Show

Samantha Veltrie, Staff Writer

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The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts hosts a plethora of different exhibitions to support and nurture the creativity of southwestern Michigan. Every year in March, the KIA hosts an art show in which high school students can participate. Each school can send ten pieces of artwork from five different junior and senior art students. Rewards are given as well; one student who participated last year got a scholarship to the Gwen Frostic School of Art at Western Michigan University.
With the submissions deadline approaching, the advanced art students of TRHS are preparing for the show.
Junior Hailey Runyon is creating a mixed media piece to make a statement at the art show. The piece consists of miniature, circular paintings of different environments found on the planet, surrounded by other round objects that are usually thrown away, like bottle caps and lids. She wants to send a message about the state of the planet: “Stop polluting the earth,” said Runyon. “I think pollution is causing the destruction of our earth, and I also enjoy using unconventional things to create my art, so by using trash I can say that you need to reduce, reuse, and recycle while also reducing, reusing and recycling.”
Senior Anthony Fund is also having pieces submitted this year, his second year participating in the show. “I thought it was cool being recognized by other fellow artists [and] seeing my piece in a gallery with other extraordinary pieces of art,” he said about the experience. This year, he is sending pieces that he created prior to this semester. One is a colored pencil rendition of a photorealistic cherry. He said he “[spent] easily a hundred plus hours on [it].” Another piece he is sending is a large 3D collage which he crafted from old English illustrations, which he says took him around 50 hours.
Katy Trattles, another senior, is also participating in the show this year. “[I’m submitting] a portrait of Gerard Way,” said Trattles. It is an acrylic painting that she completed over the course of three months. She said she is excited about the prestige of the event, and that it’s the first time she will be in a show with artists besides just from our high school.

This is an amazing opportunity for the art students of TRHS to get their feet wet in showing in galleries with fellow artists, and it is truly an accomplishment for young people seeking to make a career out of art.

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Plans KIA Art Show