Strive for a Safer Drive

Logan Evans, Staff Writer

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As an involved individual in our school, I feel it’s necessary for underclassmen to understand the opportunities that will present themselves during the four year span of senior high. With that said, I’ve set out to compile a list of our students’ favorite pastimes. Aside from sports and student government, TRHS has a variety of clubs and group activities that take place all year round. There’s a club for everybody. Before starting my search, I compiled a list of clubs. Starting off this journalistic adventure, I chose to focus on a club near and dear to me, the Strive for a Safer Drive Campaign.

Abbreviated as S4SD, the campaign is run and managed by Mrs. Bobbi Schoon. A variety of students take part in various activities starting in January and ending in March. The Safe Driving Team consists of students from all grades. The 2017 team members are: Paige Schoon, Tabby Kauffman, Maryann Houts, Ray Salinas, Sydney Ruth, Michael Hayes, Kaitlin Copenhaver, Angel German, Megan McDowell, Ethan Schoon, Keylee Tripp, Glenna Blevins-Stroup, Xavier Kunz, and Logan Evans.

The S4SD team hosts The Goggle Games every friday during the campaign. The Goggle Games are a series of dexterity and perception based games intended to be performed by various students; these games are held every Friday at lunch during the three month span of the campaign. The team has scheduled many schoolwide events, such as our Display Case Takeover, an afternoon of chalking the sidewalks with our Ford Facts, and even a pretend car crash scheduled for the end of the year with firefighters and emergency responders. At the end of the campaign, the participating schools are ranked, and a select few are able to attend a trip to Detroit. TRHS was fortunate to win during the 2015-2016 school year. To join The S4SD team, contact Bobbi Schoon in the Guidance Office.

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Strive for a Safer Drive