Why Reading is Important

MaKayla Munn, Staff Writer

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When you think of reading, you probably think of the word “boring,” unless you’re more like me and think of the word “exciting.” Reading is a very important skill to have whether you like to read or not. Having good reading and comprehension skills will help you out in the long run. Without having those skills, a person is limited to what he/she can do or be. “There’s reading in everything,” said junior Andrew Rodaks.

Reading allows your mind to grow, develop, and it helps your imagination thrive. Reading can also help you become more creative in writing and allow you to understand different points of view. Reading can open many doors for you in the future, allow you to understand other ways of life, and it can help you succeed in school. When you read, you learn about new and different ways to talk that can help you communicate better with other people. “It strengthens the mind and keeps you sharp,” said junior Dewayne Johnson. A major bonus of reading is that you get to travel to all kinds of places without ever having to leave the house. “For me, it’s like an escape,” said junior Joe Embil. Reading can be a fun activity for so many people. It takes you to different places of the world and lets you see things through other people’s eyes.

You can live so many different lives when you read and experience so many amazing things just by reading words on a page. That’s why reading is so important, because without that skill, you only experience one life and one story.

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Why Reading is Important