Too Much School?

Aria Griffin, Staff Writer

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Just from a quick glance at the title of this article, it can be assumed that a huge majority of students in TRHS and just about any school in existence will identify and agree with the fact that there is, in fact, too much school. At this point in an average high school student’s education, he/she has been in school for a least a decade now, and it is pretty understandable as to why many students say there’s too much school. In high school, that is. As all students know, high school is just a normal phase in life that everyone goes through, depending on their circumstances or location. It is where you begin to gradually grow into an adult, both physically and mentally. In other words, a lot of our adolescent years are spent in these four years. With that being said, there will be a certain emotion that comes to visit students within these four years an infinite amount of times, and this emotion can be one of the reasons or even the main reason why high school students feel there is too much school.

Stress, in psychological terms, is something that every person deals with daily, and it’s probably the most understandable reason as to why students and teachers alike feel that school can sometimes consume their lives. Any student or teacher can argue that, but I feel that stress could be the main reason why students and teachers think that school can be overwhelming a lot of the time. High school can keep students very preoccupied with homework, extracurricular activities, athletics, etc. In addition to a lot of responsibilities at home to tend to as well as a part-time job or something, their lives can prove to be extremely hectic during this time. The same could be applied to the teachers and other administrators as they also have lives to lead and a tremendous amount of things to do as well since they are at the age to have way more responsibilities than teenagers do.

From what you can observe from high school students who agree with this statement is that they feel that they are experiencing certain amounts of stress that they carry with them, and another observation would be an obvious frustration with the fact that they have so much to do. That alone would indicate that they aren’t used to it. They are at the age of becoming adults, and that means that they are starting to learn how to be even more independent, and in turn have more responsibilities to worry about. This would probably be the cause of them being stressful because most of the time some kids will take longer than others to learn how to completely fend for themselves when they reach a fully grown age or when they reach college. As this a highly debatable topic, there are many reasons that many people in an educational setting can think of as to why they think there is too much school, but stress can be the main reason almost everyone can and will agree with. Yes, high school can be extremely stressful and maybe even so much to the point that you can’t wait to be rid of it. That’s an incredibly relatable sentiment among everyone, but always remember that it doesn’t last forever. Four years may seem like a long time and certainly way too much time for a school that is meant for preparing you for what’s to come next   in your life, but you can use it to learn a lot of things. A lot can happen in those four years, and you will be stressed a least once or twice, but it all depends on how you handle it. Whether there is too much school or not is completely up to debate, but we can all agree on one thing: we all still have to go!


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Too Much School?