Best Way to Impress

Darian Martin, Staff Writer

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Everyone wants to impress someone whether it’s a parent, crush, teacher, or even a friend. But really what is the best way to impress? Is it dressing classy and caring about your self-image, or is it your personality and your integrity? To everyone the answer is different. It could be one, the other, or both.
With parents, the best way to impress them is to listen and to act mature. If you want trust and respect, you have to give it back. It always pays off to act civilized rather than argue aggressively. Another thing that impresses parents is being organized and being on time. Keeping track of your personal items and being on time impresses all adults and bosses too.
Impressing a crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend isn’t that hard. Be true to yourself and be honest; never lie about who you are. In the end the lie will not be worth it. Dressing to impress and cleaning yourself up every once in a while can catch the eyes of your crush.
The best way to impress a teacher is to keep your grades up. To do this you have to attend school, turn work in on time, and put the time and effort into your work in order to get a good grade. Another way to impress a teacher is patience. Teachers have an average of 115 students. That is 115 papers to grade, 115 emails to respond to. On top of that some teachers have families to attend to. It’s a lot of work for one person, so if they aren’t responding to your emails or they haven’t put that test in the grade book, don’t worry, just have patience. Trust me, in the end you will have impressed them.
Impressing a friend is probably the easiest; you need to be there for them. If they are having a rough day, cheer them up. Thank them for being your friend and let them know they are appreciated. Everyone likes to know that they are useful or wanted. Just letting people know that they’re important to you will lift their mood or could even make their day.

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Best Way to Impress